Meet the Siberian King “Putin”

Putin is a Russian Siberian Cat from Russian Siberian lineage.  He gets his reddish cream color from his granddaddy Klem Kadiddletiger who was classified as a Red Silver Mackerel Tabby.  Putin’s parents are Russian-borne Siberians, sired by Russian Siberian Rossity’s Ustiug and dam Russian Siberian Svetdanhaus Lavender Lady.  Putin is proud of his Pride. His little RussiaSiberian Cat Putin n Siberian Kittens are some “real show stoppers.”  Putin claims no relationship to Vladimir who is known to have a great love for the Siberian Tiger, but hopes to meet him some day and talk “peace” over a bit of catnip and a shot of Tovarich!

As with most Siberians, Putin is a laid back “daddy,” assisting his Siberian Queens with all the duties of cleaning, cuddling, entertaining, and keeping track of his offspring. Many Siberians love to play in water due to their long ancestral heritage as fisher cats, fishing for their food on the tundra of Siberia. Accordingly, Putin often finds it very entertaining to slap the water around in his water dish.


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